Four New G.I. JOE CLASSIFIED Action Figures Revealed Include Duke, Roadblock, Scarlett, and Snake Eyes

Toy Fair 2020 was this past weekend and during the event, Hasbro revealed four new figures that are part of the Classified Series for G.I. Joe. On June 1, fans will be able to purchase 6” figures of Duke, Roadblock, and Scarlett for $19.99. Each figure comes with accessories, such as their signature weapons.

In addition, Snake Eyes is getting a Deluxe 6” figure that will retail for $39.99 and takes much of its design inspiration from the 1982 figure. You’ll get a load of accessories such as his katana that can be loaded onto the Arashikage Ninja Clan-inspired storage rack.

E8494 - GI JOE Classified Series Duke Figure - IP.jpg

E8494 - GI JOE Classified Series Duke Figure - OOP.jpg

E8491 - GI JOE Classified Series Roadblock Figure - IP.jpg

E8491 - GI JOE Classified Series Roadblock Figure - OOP.jpg

E8495 - GI JOE Classified Series Scarlett Figure - IP.jpg

E8495 - GI JOE Classified Series Scarlett Figure - OOP1.jpg

E7640 - GI JOE Classified Series Deluxe Snake Eyes Figure - IP.jpg

E7640 - GI JOE Classified Series Deluxe Snake Eyes Figure - OOP1.jpg

E7640 - GI JOE Classified Series Deluxe Snake Eyes Figure - OOP2.jpg

Macaulay Culkin Joins AHS Season 10 as Full Cast Is Revealed

Macaulay Culkin Joins AHS Season 10 as Full Cast Is Revealed

Macaulay Culkin Joins AHS Season 10 as Full Cast Is Revealed

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy revealed the full cast list for the FX series’ 10th season, which includes Golden Globe nominee Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone) joining AHS alums Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters. The full cast list was shared via a post on Murphy’s Instagram, which you can view below!


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American Horror Story Season 10 stars Macaulay Culkin, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd, Adina Porter, Lily Rabe, Angelica Ross, and Finn Wittrock.

Details on the latest installment of the anthology horror series are being kept under wraps, though the video Murphy shared could possibly be full of clues for the upcoming season. Orville Peck’s “Dead of Night” plays over a dark, overcast beach scene as the cast list fades in and out.

Last Season 9, titled AHS: 1984, was set in the summer of 1984, five friends escape Los Angeles to work as counselors at Camp Redwood. As they adjust to their new jobs, they quickly learn that the only thing scarier than campfire tales is the past coming to haunt you.

It starred series alums Emma Roberts, Cody Fern, Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, and John Carroll Lynch along with new cast members Olympic gold medalist Gus Kenworthy, Zach Villa (Destroyer), and DeRon Horton (Dear White People). Glee vet Matthew Morrison and Pose star Angelica Ross, who have both worked with Murphy’s other shows, also appeared last season.

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FX reports that the series’ total audience is over 1 billion total viewers across its 103 episodes and nine seasons. American Horror Story, which has featured stars Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Billie Lourd, Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts, Taissa Farmiga, Lady Gaga, Angela Bassett, Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton, and many more during its run, has received 95 Emmy nominations and won 16 times, as well as two Golden Globe awards.

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Series Adaptation of Film LOVE, SIMON Is Now Officially Called LOVE, VICTOR and Is Moving From Disney+ to Hulu


The series adaptation of the feature film Love, Simon has jumped from the Disney+ streaming service over to Hulu and has also gotten an official name change and will now be called Love, Victor. THR reports that the series “is set to debut during Pride Month in June and revolve around Victor, a new student at Creekwood High School.” This is the same setting as the high school in the film. Also, Love, Victor “follows Victor on his own journey of self-discovery, facing challenges at home, adjusting to a new city and struggling with his sexual orientation.”

The report says that sources say the half-hour comedy series made the streaming switch because of the adult-themed subjects that will be addressed in the show. Disney+ has made its streamer a more all-ages family-focused service, so the teen-adult content will be more free to explore at Hulu.

The series stars Michael Cimino as Victor, as well as Ana Ortiz, James Martinez, Isabella Ferreira, and Mateo Fernandez. Nick Robinson, who starred as Simon in the movie, will serve as executive producer on the series, as well as narrator of the Hulu original. The series and film are based on the bestselling YA novel by Becky Albertalli called Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda.

Are you excited for this series adaptation?

Rumble Trailer & Poster: The Biggest Underdog Story Ever

Rumble Trailer & Poster: The Biggest Underdog Story Ever

Rumble Trailer & Poster: The Biggest Underdog Story Ever

Paramount Pictures has released the official Rumble trailer and poster for the upcoming animated feature where monsters are global wrestling superstars and one unlikely champion is stepping into the ring. You can check out the trailer now in the player below as well as the poster in the gallery!

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In a world where monster wrestling is a global sport and monsters are superstar athletes, teenage Winnie seeks to follow in her father’s footsteps by coaching a loveable underdog monster into a champion.

Rumble stars Will Arnett, Terry Crews, Geraldine Viswanathan, Joe “Roman Reigns” Anoa’i, Tony Danza, Becky Lynch, Susan Kelechi Watson, Stephen A. Smith, Jimmy Tatro, Ben Schwartz, and Michael Buffer.

The movie is directed by Hamish Grieve and was written by Etan Cohen (Men in Black 3) and Matt Lieberman (Scoob). The film is a co-production between Paramount Animation and WWE Studios and will be produced by Reel FX, Walden Media, Mark Bakshi, and Brad Booker.

Executive Producers include Jeff Fierson, Susan Levison, Richard Lowell, Steve O’Brien, Chuck Peil, Frank Smith, and Naia Cucukov.

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Rumble is set to slam into theaters on January 29, 2021.

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Dueling Against a Master Duelist at Team YCS Las Vegas

Konami was kind enough to invite me to attend the Team YCS Las Vegas this weekend and it was a blast. While I was there, I had the opportunity to go up against Master Duelist Esala Wathuthantrige from the team Esala Needs This and it was an experience. We used premade decks for Speed Dueling (Duelists of Tomorrow and Ancient Millennium) to help things be a little fairer and it was fun. I used Kaiba’s deck while my opponent used the Ishizu deck.

I may have won 2 of 3 games, but I could tell he would’ve wrecked me if he had been able to use his own deck. He was very skilled and as it was merely starter deck vs starter deck, a lot came down to the luck of the draw. I got really lucky in being able to draw my stronger monsters. There was a turn where I took a big gamble by using Interdimensional Matter Transporter to keep my Twin-Headed Behemoth alive while taking moderate damage. I had a Spirit Ryu in my hand, but I got lucky and drew a Luster Dragon #2 that I was able to Tribute Summon using my Behemoth and take control of the board.

I give credit to the simple fact that I had Kaiba’s deck and he had Ishizu’s. If he had one of the other decks, I think it would’ve been a very different result. Talking to Team Esala Needs This they all agreed that I had the best deck from Duelists of Tomorrow and Wathuthantrige probably had the worst from Ancient Millennium. In addition, I have been informed that as these guys are professionals they sometimes hold back as the duel is for fun. I also wanted to note that Wathuthantrige and his team were all very helpful if any of us had questions or if they maybe saw a better move we could do, etc. This duel did give me a better appreciation for Speed Duels as well even if it is still not my cup of tea.

I did ask Wathuthantrige about his deck for the main event and apparently the whole team was running a Shaddoll Invoked deck because they thought it was the best deck out there. It’s a shame that they weren’t able to pull out the win.









Review: ONWARD is an Incredible and Moving Fantasy Adventure and One of My Favorite Pixar Films

Before I had a chance to see Disney/Pixar’s Onward, I was seeing a lot of mixed reviews from critics, some of which were saying that it was a disappointment in terms of Pixar films; that it didn’t live up to their standards. I was actually surprised that many critics didn’t really care for the film because I loved it! I must have watched a completely different movie because Onward might just be my favorite Pixar movie yet! 

Onward told a story that completely connected with me mostly because of the relationship of the two brothers that the movie centered around. My brothers and I have a very tight relationship with each other, and on top of that, we enjoy going on our own adventures together, where we go out and explore all kinds of cool places, and where we find all kinds of awesome stuff.

So, a movie that tells the story of two brothers embarking on a quest really resonated with me. There’s also the whole fantasy aspect of the story and how the world of magic was lost and rediscovered by these characters, with the help of their dad, who left them a magical staff and a spell to help bring him back from the dead for 24 hours to spend time with them. That is what initially sparks their journey.

When their mom suspects something is off with her boys and they are missing, she goes after them as any protective mother would. I was a big fan of how the mother of these two main characters was handled. They made her strong, courageous, and brave, and someone who will do anything to protect her boys. I think a lot of us can relate to having a mom like this.

Also, if you’re into fantasy games like Dungeons and Dragons and Magic The Gathering, you’ll be happy to learn that there is a game like these in the film that plays a key role In the story. As someone who enjoys these kinds of games, I thought it was great how the game was incorporated into the story.

The film is a departure from what we usually see Pixar do, and I loved that about it! It was a very different and unique film to come out of Pixar. Maybe that’s why some critics didn’t like it? Regardless, the story and script were top-notch work, and in my opinion, some of Pixar’s best storytelling work.

I don’t want to spoil any of the main story details for you, but the way the story played out between the two brothers and their relationship was my favorite part of the movie Things went in a very unexpected direction and I really appreciated and loved how the ending of the film was handled. As you might expect from a Pixar movie, it was super freakin’ emotional! I was a complete mess by the end of the movie. I think it’s safe to say that the end of this movie and the adventure of these brothers, hit me harder than any other Pixar movie.

I have no idea if you’ll feel the same way I did about this movie, it seems like a story that will connect a lot more with people, especially those who have siblings. At least that’s one of the main reasons it connected with me so much.

I really hope that audiences like this movie as much as I did. I hope they see in it what I saw. 

Charles Murray to Write Sammy Davis Jr. Film for Paramount

Charles Murray to Write Sammy Davis Jr. Film for Paramount

Charles Murray to Write Sammy Davis Jr. Film for Paramount

According to Deadline, Paramount is moving ahead with its biopic on the life of Sammy Davis Jr., and has tapped Charles Murray to pen the script based on sources such as the singer’s 1965 memoir Yes I Can: The Story of Sammy Davis Jr., which was written by the famous artist and Jane and Burt Boyar.

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Murray is known for his work on muscular dramas such as Sons of Anarchy and Luke Cage, but was tapped when Mike Menchel, one of the film’s producers, found out he had read practically everything ever written on the famed Rat Pack singer.

“If you saw me, I’m 6’4″ and 290 pounds, maybe 300 if I’m being really honest,” Murray told Deadline. “So it might surprise you that I grew up loving musicals, and gravitated to Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Elvis and James Cagney, and this little black dude I would see on TV, who held his own alongside Frank Sinatra.”

The article points out that Murray didn’t take the job to fawn over Davis Jr., whose life “was plenty provocative, a mix of out-sized talent and ambition, courage and defiance, with a need to constantly prove his worth at all time that led to a lot of loneliness.”

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The Sammy Davis, Jr. biopic will follow the artist and activist from Vaudeville with his dad and uncle in the Will Mastin Trio to the integrated infantry with Southern whites in WWII to his big break in the short film Sweet and Low in 1947 as well as his chance meeting with Frank Sinatra.

“He was constantly trying to impress people, and did not like being alone because that’s when the insecurities and terrible thoughts played in his head,” Murray said.

The project will be produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura (American Assassin, Maze Runner: The Death Cure) with Davis’ heirs will joining him. Lionel Richie will also produce the project.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Eric Bana to Star in Mike “The Bike” Hailwood Biopic

Eric Bana Set to Write, Star and Co-Direct Mike “The Bike” Hailwood Biopic

Eric Bana is going all in a biopic based on the life of Mike “The Bike” Hailwood. According to Deadline, the actor will write, star and co-direct the film alongside Robert Connolly, having acquired the rights via his Pick Up Truck Pictures and Connolly’s Arenamedia company.

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Per the report, the film will focus on “the life and spectacular comeback story of Mike ‘The Bike’ Hailwood. Once considered the greatest motorcycle racer of all time, Hailwood retired from racing bikes at his career peak in 1967 after 12 victories at the Isle of Man TT. He set out to take back his crown in 1978, aboard a Ducati.”

Tragically, Hailwood was killed in a car accident (along with his daughter) when he was just 40 years old.

We are absolutely thrilled that Eric Bana and Robert Connolly have taken Mike’s story to adapt into a feature film about his historic ‘comeback’ race win,” said Hailwood’s widow Pauline Hailwood, and their son David. “We are delighted that Mike will be depicted by Eric Bana, an actor with an immense passion and knowledge of motorsports, Mike’s career, and a rider himself.”

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Connolly and Bana recently teamed up for the film The Dry, based on the Jane Harper bestseller.

The Mike “The Bike” biopic marks Bana’s second directing effort after the documentary Love the Beast.

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Martin Freeman Will Play a Night Shift Cop in The Upcoming Series THE RESPONDER

The Hobbit and Sherlock actor Martin Freeman is set to star in a new series coming from BBC titled The Responder. In the series, Freeman will play a night shift officer in the British city of Liverpool.

The Responder was written by Tony Schumacher, a former police officer who has had a lifelong ambition to write for the screen. His six-part series features Freeman as cop named Chris, “who works night shifts with his new rookie partner, Rachel.”

Each of the episodes centers on a different shift, and the story is described as “wildly funny and painfully tragic.” It’s explained that Chris is “dealing with a marriage that is breaking down while policing Liverpool’s criminal underbelly, and the show deals with the realities of policing in Britain and the complexities of Freeman’s character.”

Freeman said in a statement: “Tony Schumacher’s script for The Responder resonated with me immediately. It felt like nothing that I’d read or seen.” Bowen, the CEO of Dancing Ledge, added: “Tony is one of the most talented new writers we’ve ever worked with. His ability to distill trauma, empathy, poetry and humor into every character he creates is extraordinary.”

Sounds like this will be a great show worth checking out.

Some of the other new shows being developed by BBC include:

My Name Is Leon, which is set in 1980s Britain, “tells the uplifting story of nine-year-old Leon, a mixed-race boy who attempts to keep his family together as his single-parent mother suffers a devastating breakdown.” Made for BBC One, the executive producers are Henry and Angela Ferreira for Douglas Road Productions alongside Gub Neal, Edward Barlow and Mona Qureshi. Kibwe Tavares is directing, while Carol Harding is the producer.

Then there’s Superhoe, which is based on Nicôle Lecky’s one-woman Royal Court theatre show and follows “a wannabe singer and rapper who is thrown out of her family home and moves in with a party-girl who introduces her to a world of social media influencing and sex work.” The six-part series “is told in part through songs and is billed as a portrayal of a fierce working-class girl and her struggle to navigate the modern world.”