The Russo Bros. Are Reportedly Producers on Marvel’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: BRAVE NEW WORLD

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo set a new standard for Marvel movies when they made Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The bar they set with that film was so high, and it’s still considered by a lot of fans to be the best movie that Marvel Studios has produced.

Kevin Feige is hoping that match that film with the upcoming Captain America: Brave New World. They are leaning into the whole political thriller aspect of the story and they are hoping to capture the same quality of storytelling. Good luck!

There is now a report that has surfaced claiming that the Russo Bros. are producers on Brave New World, which if true, would be very cool!

The Russos moved on from Marvel after Avengers: Endgame was released, and they haven’t really been involved with any of the other movies since in any capacity.

But, Captain America: Brave New World Editor Matthew Schmidt recently updated his film credits and Joe and Anthony’s names are included on a list of producers on the film. The list includes Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s Nate Moore, and the Russo Bros.

It may just be a contractual obligation to have their names included with any future Captain America film, but it would certainly give fans a little boost of confidence in the project if they actually offered some of their expertise while the studio was developing the project.

Joe previously talked about a potential reunion with Marvel Studios, saying: “We’re always talking; we’d need to see what would work. We won’t be ready to do anything with Marvel until the end of the decade.”

As for the story of the movie, Anthony Mackie previously talked about Brave New World saying: “This movie is a clear reset. It really reestablishes the idea of what this universe is and what this universe is going to be.

“I think with these movies, you’re getting a clear, new branding of what Marvel is headed towards the same way they did with Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

“The title implies that there’s a new, bigger enemy now; there’s a new frontier that we have to conquer. From Captain America: The First Avenger to Endgame, the enemy was always good versus bad. Now that we’ve conquered that, where do we go from here? When the bad guys reappear, in what form are they reappearing?”

“It is a new storyline with new characters, with new beliefs, and it creates a new idea of this new world that we’re going into.”

Captain America: Brave New World’s cast also includes Harrison Ford, Danny Ramirez, Carl Lumbly, Tim Blake Nelson, Shira Haas, Liv Tyler, Xosha Roquemore, Giancarlo Esposito, and WWE Superstar Seth Rollins.

Julius Onah directs the movie from a screenplay by Malcolm Spellman and Dalan Musson, though the director is believed to have also taken a pass at it. Matthew Orton, meanwhile, has written new scenes for the additional photography which has been taking place in Atlanta, Georgia.

Captain America: Brave New World is set to arrive in theaters on February 14, 2025.

Rita Moreno Is a Teacher Framed for Murder in Trailer for the Dark Comedy THE PRANK

Here’s the trailer for an upcoming dark comedy film titled The Prank, which stars Rita Moreno (West Side Story) as a physics teacher named Mrs. Wheeler, who is described as “the teacher of your nightmares.”

In the film, Ben and his slacker friend Tanner decide to play a messed up prank on their teacher after she fails the entire class because someone cheated on a test.

In the film, “Ben (Connor Kalopsis) has a stern, mean and cruel physics teacher, Mrs. Wheeler (Moreno). She has been teaching at the school for decades and has a reputation for being the hardest, coldest, strictest faculty member.

“She fails Ben’s entire class unless a student who cheated comes forward. But when no one does, Tanner and Ben hatch a plan to ruin her life and frame her for murder on social media.”

As you might imagine this whole plan starts to spin wildly out of control as the story plays out.

The film was directed by Maureen Bharoocha, and it also stars Connor Kalopsis, Ramona Young, Keith David, Kate Flannery, Meredith Salenger, Jonathan Kimmel, and Nathan Janak.

The film initially premiered at the 2022 SXSW Film Festival a few years ago. Signature Ent. will debut The Prank on VOD in the UK starting June 24th, 2024.

Alan Cumming Believes the JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS Movie Was Ahead of Its Time

Josie and the Pussycats was a great freakin’ film. I don’t care what anyone says, I enjoyed that movie and I saw what it was trying to do, it just didn’t click with audiences when it was released, and it only made $15 million at the box office.

While the movie could be considered to look stupid to a lot of people, it was actually a smart film, and over the years it has gained a cult following.

I’ve always believed that Josie and the Pussy Cats was ahead of its time. This is something that other stars of the film have said before, and now Alan Cumming is saying it.

20 years ago, Josie and the Pussycats helped pave the way for what Barbie recently did with its film. There is a similarity between them, but I actually like Josie and the Pussycats better.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly Cumming said: “I had a phase in the early 2000s of doing these bonkers films on the queer scale. Some of them were more coded than others, but, again, about the idea of being manipulated in the media, being used…it was so ahead of its time, in terms of the subliminal messages and the product placement.”

He went on to explain that the studios didn’t quite know how to market the film: “I just think they didn’t quite know how to sell it. They sold it as a kind of kids film, and it really is quite adult and also hilarious. And I was actually in that film doing an impersonation of Richard E. Grant in Spice World. I just copied him.”

Cumming previously said: “I think the problem was that it was marketed really badly. I think it was marketed to young kids sort of as a tween movie, when actually it’s quite a sophisticated script, and it’s about the gags that are for meant for sophisticated older consumers.

“I think they didn’t know quite what to do with it, and it was marketed wrongly. And so basically the [part] of the populace it was aimed at didn’t kind of, weren’t made aware of it when it came out.”

Rosario Dawson once talked about the movie saying: “I think it was way ahead of its time. You watch it now and it so resonates with the moment we’re in but at the time I think it was hard for people to really appreciate the satire that it was.”

Dawson went on to say: “There’s scene after scene after scene that was not about how men were in our lives. It wasn’t about all these other things. It was about us and our dreams and our passions. And seeing these men being being super supportive of these women and wanting to see them shine.

“And watching them grow in front of you and being amazed by that. It’s just there are so many levels in it that are just really profound looking back on it through the lens of now.”

In the film, Josie (Rachael Leigh Cook), Melody (Tara Reid), and Val (Rosario Dawson) are three small-town girl musicians determined to take their rock band out of their garage and straight to the top, while remaining true to their look, style and sound.

They get a record deal which brings fame and fortune but soon realize they are pawns of two people who want to control the youth of America. They must clear their names, even if it means losing fame and fortune.


HBO’s upcoming Game of Thrones spin-off series, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight is currently in production and today we have our first official look at the show.

The photo that was released features Peter Claffey as Ser Duncan the Tall, and the series will follow him on his adventures in Westeros.

The first season will consist of six episodes and it is based on George R.R. Martin’s Tales of Dunk and Egg.

The series follows the character Ser Duncan the Tall and his squire, Egg. Dexter Sol Ansell (The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes) has been cast as Egg.

The series is set a century before the events of Game of Thrones, “two unlikely heroes wandered Westeros… a young, naïve but courageous knight, Ser Duncan the Tall (Claffey), and his diminutive squire, Egg (Ansell).”

Set in an age “when the Targaryen line still holds the Iron Throne, and the memory of the last dragon has not yet passed from living memory, great destinies, powerful foes, and dangerous exploits all await these improbable and incomparable friends.”

Martin and Ira Parker are writers and executive producers on the new series. Martin has published three novellas in the “Tales of Dunk and Egg” series to date.

Those include The Hedge Knight (1998), The Sworn Sword (2003), and The Mystery Knight (2010). A collection of the three novellas, with illustrations by Gary Gianni, was published as A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms in 2015.

This is the second prequel series to be picked up by Max, after last year’s House of the Dragon. It is expected to air in late 2025. Black Mirror director Owen Harris will helm three of the six episodes.

The series is written and executive produced by Martin and Ira Parker. Executive producers include Ryan Condal, Vince Gerardis, Owen Harris, and Sarah Bradshaw.

Director Mike Flanagan’s THE EXORCIST Movie Gets a 2026 Release Date

Universal Pictures has set the release date for Mike Flanagan’s The Exorcist movie for March 13, 2026, which is fitting for the film as that is Friday the 13th.

While plot details haven’t been shared, the film is said to be “a radical new take” on the franchise and it will be “an all-new story set in The Exorcist universe.”

The studio also wants to make it very clear that this is not going to be a sequel to David Gordon Green’s film.

Flanagan previously said in a statement, “The Exorcist is one of the reasons I became a filmmaker, and it is an honor to have the chance to try something fresh, bold, and terrifying within its universe.

“Reuniting with my friends at Blumhouse, with whom I’ve made some of my favorite pieces of work, only makes this more exciting.”

The film will be produced by Trevor Macy on behalf of Intrepid Pictures and Flanagan via his new Red Room Pictures banner.

This film marks the fourth collaboration for Flanagan and Blumhouse; he wrote and directed Oculus (2013), Hush (2016) and Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016).

I’m a big fan of Mlanagan’s work and he’s one of my favorite filmmakers working today. He just has such a strong talent for telling great stories and I’m excited to see what he brings to The Exorcist franchise.

Charlie Cox Teases More One-Take Fight Scenes in DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN

The one-take fight scene in the first season of Daredevil still stands as one of the best fight sequences in any Marvel project. They’ve attempted to reach the bar of that first fight scene, but every time they’ve tried, they don’t quite hit that wow factor.

During a recent panel at the Fan Expo Boston, Charlie Cox talked about how the Daredevil production crew creates these one-take fight scenes, and he teased Daredevil: Born Again saying: “Those who are excited by [oners] will not be disappointed.”

Cox explained: “There’s different types of owners. A oner is a fight scene that takes place in one shot, without [cuts.] So there’s things called a true owner.

“So a true oner is when it really is one take and there’s no editing, there’s no cuts, there’s no morphing, which is when you move the camera past something that is a solid color, and then you can technically then cut during the black of that.

“So, if the camera moves past someone’s black shirt, there’s a moment during that where the whole screen is black, and you can then stitch a different take after that. So it looks like it’s a oner, but it’s actually not.”

I would love nothing more than to see another brutal badass action scene in the upcoming Daredevil series. They are certainly going to try again to reach that bar, and hopefully this time, they will hit it!

The new series is reportedly inspired by the Devil’s Reign storyline, which explores the power dynamics between Kingpin and the vigilantes who stand up against him. The story revolves around the power struggle between Daredevil and Wilson Fisk, who becomes the Mayor of New York City.

In this arc, Kingpin uses his newfound political influence to launch a crackdown on vigilantes, making their activities illegal. This leads to a fierce confrontation between Daredevil and Kingpin, with the latter using all his resources to hunt down and eliminate Daredevil and his allies.

Vincent D’Onofrio previously talked about the project saying: “During our restart of all the creative on Daredevil: Born Again, all the creatives got together and said, ‘Look, this is how we’ve got to do it now. So we are for sure only speaking about it in terms of being directly connected to the original Daredevil, and that’s a great thing.”

He continues: “It brings in a lot of cool stories and all the collateral story that happened in those original three seasons. So we now get to start this Born Again situation with all of that history behind us and the outcome of all that history. So we’re all talking about Daredevil: Born Again in those terms now.”

The actor recently said in an interview with CB: “I think it’s definitely a new show. It’s not the Netflix show. It’s definitely a new show. I mean, all I can say is that Charlie [Cox] and I are not bored.

“We are having a great time. We have a great cast, and I think everybody else is having a great time too. Charlie’s one of my favorite people, and I know that he comes here every day ready to knock it out of the park and you know how I am, I’m totally into this part, so I’m there for the same reason.”

“We’re really just delivering. It’s a lot of work. Charlie’s amazing because he has to do all the stunts and stuff, so he’s in constant training and learning different things. But the scenes are great. I’m trying to skirt around specifics, but I can only say that it is a different show and it feels like a different show.”

The series also stars Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle / The Punisher, Vanessa Fisk, Michael Gandolfini, Margarita LevievaNikki M. JamesMichael GastonArty Froushan, and Clark Johnson in undisclosed roles. Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson will also reprise their roles of Karen Page and Foggy Nelson. Wilson Bethel is reprising his role as Benjamin Poindexter, aka Bullseye.

Daredevil: Born Again is currently being developed by directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, who worked on both Moon Knight and Loki.

Source: Collider

DAREDEVIL Actor Vincent D’Onofrio Says the Rights to His Character Kingpin Are Caught Between Marvel and Sony

Vincent D’Onofrio has brought the villainous character Kingpin to our screens in such a way that is irreplaceable and essential to the story, making him able to transcend the changes in studios and the transition to new projects.

He embodies Wilson Fisk in a way that makes us excited to see what he does next, and wonder how Daredevil will ultimately be able to defeat him. But according to D’Onofrio, Kingpin is a character that is caught in somewhat of a limbo due to the back and forth of rights between Marvel and Sony.

Wilson Fisk made the jump from Netflix’s Daredevil series to the Disney+ series Hawkeye. He then went on to return in Echo, and he will be back and badder than ever in Daredevil: Born Again, which is set to drop next March.

Though in 2022, we learned that Daredevil himself, actor Charlie Cox will be lending his voice to Daredevil in Marvel Animation’s Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Unfortunately, D’Onofrio joining him in the series seems far from guaranteed.

During a recent appearance at Fan Expo Boston, D’Onofrio explained:

“I’m going to transparently say this: You know the whole Marvel-Sony thing, right? So there are characters – Marvel characters invented by Marvel, written by Marvel – that are caught in between Marvel and Sony.

And so it takes a long time for them to figure out who is doing what. I just never really know where [Kingpin can show up]. My character is in that kind of situation, unlike Charlie’s. So I don’t know, it’s part of the deal when it comes to playing Kingpin.”

So things are up in the air for D’Onofrio’s Kingpin. It really is unfortunate that the studio who originally created, and has proven themselves worthy of making content with these characters, isn’t just given back all the rights. Sony should see themselves out of the comic book genre altogether.

via: CBM

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Set to Star in Director Joe Carnahan’s Thriller RIP

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are set to star in a new thriller from writer and director Joe Carnahan titled RIP. Carnahan is the guy behind Smiokin’ Aces, Boss Level, The Grey, and The A-Team, so we can expect this to be a wild flick.

While Affleck did appear in Smokin’ Aces, I that he and Damon and Affleck are teaming up with Carnahan for this project! Story details are being kept under wraps, but the movie is described as a crime thriller.

The project is gearing up for production and scheduled to shoot this fall. According to the report, the film project came together fast in recent weeks as Affleck and Damon were looking for a new project as Affleck was finishing up production on his sequel to The Accountant.

The two actors tried to make another crime thriller earlier this years with Animals, but scheduling with The Accountant 2 couldn’t be worked out and that was put on pause.

With Carnahan directing, audiences can expect a crazy entertaining flick!

Source: Deadline

Natalie Portman Says She Would Return to Play Jane in the MCU Though Nothing Is on the Horizon

Natalie Portman got to take on the mantle of The Mighty Thor in director Taika Waititi’s 2022 sequel, Thor: Love and Thunder. Some fans thought that film went a little too wacky for the character of Thor, but my family enjoyed the film, especially my kids, who still quote it. It was a good time at the movies, and it was visually stunning.

One of the best parts was seeing Academy Award-winner Natalie Portman back as Jane Foster, this time becoming a cancer survivor and total badass, wielding Mjolnir and kicking ass alongside Thor.

While there are no future projects on the horizon for Portman to return to the role of Jane, she says she would be open to it. She gushed about her experience on Love and Thunder in an interview with Total Film, saying:

“Oh, I have no idea. I mean, no one’s asked me to. So I don’t know. But sure, that was super-fun. Yeah, it was so fun. I had such a great time making it. I loved working with Taika [Waititi], and Chris [Hemsworth] is just the greatest, and so is Tessa [Thompson].I was just laughing all day, every day. There’s only my highest love for that experience – and not to mention Australia, which is just the most glorious country.”

I think it would be fun to see Natalie Portman return to the role of Jane Foster, though I don’t know where it would fit in at this point. Maybe somewhere down the line.

Matt Bomer and Nathan Lane to Star in Golden Girls-Like Comedy Series MID-CENTURY MODERN at Hulu

Matt Bomer (Magic Mike, Maestro, Doom Patrol) and Nathan Lane (Birdcage, The Lion King, Modern Family) have signed on to star in a Golden Girls-like comedy series titled Mid-Century Modern, a multi-cam series for Hulu, executive produced by Ryan Murphy and created by Will & Grace’s Max Mutchnick and David Kohan.

Sources reveal that Bomer will take on the ditzy Rose-like character, played by Betty White in the original Golden Girls, with Lane taking on the Dorothy (Bea Arthur) of the bunch. Linda Lavin will play Lane’s mother, a la the original Sophia.

The new series will be set in the gay mecca of Palm Springs. James Burrows is directing the pilot. Mutchnick, Kohan, Burrows, Lane and Bomer will also exec produce. 20th Television is the studio.

Hulu said in a release:

“The series follows three best friends — gay gentlemen of a certain age – who, after an unexpected death, decide to spend their golden years living together in Palm Springs where the wealthiest one lives with his mother and a naked Gen Z housekeeper.

Mid-Century Modern stars Nathan Lane as Bunny Schneiderman, Matt Bomer as Jerry Frank, and Linda Lavin as Sybil Schneiderman, Bunny’s mother. A successful businessman with one foot in retirement, Bunny is forever in search of love, but he first has to be convinced he’s worthy of it. 

Like her son, Sybil’s strengths are her weaknesses: wise, caring, and iconoclastic – which sometimes means she’s critical, smothering and amoral. Jerry left the Mormon Church and his marriage in his early 20s after his wife informed him and the rest of the congregation that he was a homosexual.

Now a latter-day saint in the literal sense of the term, Jerry is pure of heart. He is also hard of body and soft of head. ”

This sounds like it will be a fun new series, and I look forward to seeing who else they cast to star.

via: Variety