The Witcher Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

The Witcher Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

The Witcher season 1 episode 6 recap

Some time has passed following the Yennefer of Vengerberg (Anya Chalorta) and Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill)’s meeting and the two now find themselves at odds with another, while Princess Cirilla (Freya Allan) learns she can’t always trust a familiar face in the sixth episode of Netflix’s The Witcher.

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An Epic Hunt

While on a separate job hunting a creature, where the men who hired him try to rob the supplies off Roach while Jaskier does nothing to help, Geralt meets a man named Borch Three Jackdaws, whose travel companions Téa and Véa kill one of the two men while the other flees. Borch beckons Geralt to join him at a local tavern, where plentiful food and ales are ordered, and asks the witcher to help join him on a hunt for a green dragon currently hiding somewhere in the mountains of King Neidamir’s kingdom. The dragon was recently spotted by locals who believed they could acquire the treasure it has amassed, but after wounding it, the creature laid waste to nearby farms, burning crops and sheep. The king has offered a reward to any that kill the dragon, including allowing the victor to keep whatever treasure they find, and four teams have been assembled, one of dwarves, one of reavers and one with Yennefer in tow as companion to Sir Eyck of Denesle. While initially refusing the job, Geralt accepts given the opportunity to connect back with Yennefer, while Jaskier continues to try and woo Borch’s companions.

Be Careful Who You Trust

While Ciri and Dara follow the doppler Mousesack out of Brokilon, he answers her question regarding her connection to Geralt, revealing he is owed to her as a reward for law of surprise after he saved her father. As they return to the snow-covered woods, Dara begins to question Mousesack’s motives, claiming much of what he said and is doing aren’t adding up, but the doppler presents Ciri with her grandmother’s sash, appeasing her for the time being. After coming across an open field, Ciri’s conversations with Mousesack begin to take a suspicious turn and she accuses him of lying, to which he reveals he is not Mousesack and Dara attacks him with a silver knife, revealing his true monstrous form. After knocking out Dara, the doppler chases Ciri through the woods, where she is eventually captured by what appears to be a Nilfgaardian soldier and drugged into unconsciousness.

Somebody’s Jealous

As the four groups trek up the mountains on foot, with the path being too narrow for horses, the dwarves and Borch’s team seem to be getting along friendly as they both dislike the reavers and Eyck, who appears a little too uppity for their taste. While heading up a hillside path, Jaskier comes across a hirikka, with Geralt telling everyone to sheath their weapons as it doesn’t intend any harm, but the overzealous Eyck kills it quickly and proceeds to slash away at its dead body for a while before feasting on its corpse, which gives him digestion problems. While they sit around the fire, Borch and Geralt discuss the history of dragons, including the mythical gold dragon, which the witcher claims to have died out while Borch believes they are still alive. After awakening the next day, a dwarf finds Eyck dead in some nearby brush, his throat slit while handling the digestion issues from feeding o the hirikka, leaving Yennefer to begrudgingly join Geralt’s team.

Old Wounds Mended

As they team up with the dwarves team to take a shortcut alongside the mountain to get ahead of the reavers, Borch and his companions step poorly on some old planks and fall to their death after asking Geralt to continue on and protect those still able to live. Geralt questions Yennefer on why she came along in the journey in the first place and she reveals she is trying to create a mythical potion using a fresh dragon’s heart that will restore her fertility. Geralt and Yennefer step away into a tent at the top of the mountain and discuss the pain they each caused each other following their initial meeting, with the witcher slipping away while she slept following their sexual encounter in Rinde while Yennefer later repeated the same act on Geralt. The two apologize to each other and spend the night together, waking up to find one another still laying in bed next to each other before heading outside and realizing the dwarves have left.

The Mighty Dragon Couple

Yennefer and Geralt catch up to the dwarves racing up the hill to where the dragon is staying and she uses her powers to freeze them in place. Upon arriving in the cave, she finds the green dragon has already perished and is laying near a dragon egg, and as Geralt attempts to stop her from approaching, Téa and Véa reveal themselves to be alive and a golden dragon flies in from a hole in the roof of the cave and speaks, revealing Borch was a golden dragon all along and hired Geralt to help protect his dead wife and her egg from the hunting parties. The reavers arrive and engage in a length sword fight with both Geralt and Yennefer, both using their powers to kill the entire group, while one seemingly dead is burned alive by Borch while trying to crawl towards the egg.

A Change of Heart

Ciri awakens to find Cahir has captured her and is discussing the fact he is the true key to her destiny, but as he looks away to get her some food, it’s revealed he actually captured the doppler disguised as Ciri. The two engage in a fight, in which the doppler mostly has the upper hand and even wounds Cahir, before it takes off and eludes Cahir’s capture. The real Ciri is tied up to a tree in the woods and is found by Dara, who frees her but then laments her for having them leave Brokilon and claims she is going to get him killed and leaves her for good.

Forcing the Hand of Destiny

In the aftermath of the battle, the dwarves finally arrive at the cave and Borch offers them dragon’s teeth to bring to the king in exchange for no questions asked, which they readily accept and leave. Borch has a talk with Geralt and Yennefer after, in which Geralt reveals his final wish to the djinn was to keep their destinies intertwined, further angering Yennefer after Borch declares she won’t be able to reverse the loss of her fertility. Geralt and Yennefer part ways and he scolds Jaskier for everything he has come to experience thus far, blaming it on the bard, who then sadly leaves as well.

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