The Witcher Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

The Witcher Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

The Witcher season 1 episode 5 recap

The walls are closing in on Princess Cirilla (Freya Allan) as the evil Nilgaardian commander Cahir is hot on her tail, while Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) and Yennefer of Vengerberg (Anya Chalorta)’s paths are finally crossing as the sorceress is currently on a new path in life.

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A Secret Weapon

Knowing that the Brokilon Forest is too dangerous to venture in given the Dryads inhabitation, Cahir enlists a doppler to infiltrate the area. He brings out Mousesack, who Fringilla has locked up in a cage made out of dimeritium, which has essentially neutered the mage’s powers. The doppler takes Mousesack’s form and proceeds to kill him, revealing that every person he imitates he gains their entire knowledge and feelings in the process.

The New Temporary Path

Following her departure from the Brotherhood of Sorcerers, Yennefer is now living in the small kingdom of Rinde helping the locals out with minor spells to make their lives better, much to the dismay of the mayor, who despises mages and requests payment from any who wish to perform magic in his town.

Saving the Bard Yet Again

As Jaskier travels through the forest, he comes across Geralt, who appears to be fishing in a nearby lake but is actually in search of a djinn in order to wish for a chance to sleep. After fishing out the jar in which the entity is contained, he and Jaskier fight over it and cause it to break, with the latter believing he is its master and asking for two wishes before being attacked by the djinn that leaves him on the verge of death. Geralt brings him to the nearest elf doctor, Chireadan, who offers a potion that will prevent death for a few hours until they find a mage. He reluctantly sends them to Rinde to head into the mayor’s castle where he has Yennefer locked up, and after knocking out the guard and walking through the halls and finding the mayor in a naked trance, they stumble upon a party room in which an orgy is underway with Yennefer watching. She reveals everyone there is under her spell, including Jaskier, who sits next to a few naked women despite his impending doom, and she agrees to help save his life in return for something she doesn’t yet specify.

True Intentions Revealed

Yennefer invites the witcher to share a bath with her, while not letting him see her in the nude, and the two reveal they know things about the other’s kind, with Geralt pointing out signs that she originally came from Aretuza and questions what her deformity was before the transformation, to which she doesn’t answer. While looking in on Jaskier, Geralt notices the seal to the jar laying on a nearby dresser and a version of it drawn on the floor with candles surrounding it and surmises that she is planning to capture the djinn for her own means after the final wish is spoken, which they both believe is from Jaskier. She uses a combination of herbal scents to paralyze Geralt, who seemingly falls asleep and awakens in a dungeon cell, only to learn from Chireadan that he was actually entranced by her and attacked two city councilman brutally, both of whom were trying to usurp the mayor and evict Yennefer from town. Chireadan also reveals he is in love with Yennefer and didn’t want to send Geralt and Jaskier her way for fear of them falling under her spell.

Who’s Your Master?

The guard from the gate Geralt knocks out upon arrival enters the cell and begins beating up the witcher, using his shackles to keep it an easy fight for him. In the meantime, Jaskier awakens in the room to find Yennefer waiting mostly nude with symbols on her chest that will help her become the vessel for the djinn and tries to get him to make his final wish. As he tries and seemingly nothing happens, Geralt wishes for the guard to burst, which he does quite instantaneously, realizing the cuts on his arm from the broken pot have made him the master of the djinn. He rushes upstairs to try and stop Yennefer from her attempts at harnessing the djinn’s powers, and after making a new wish that sees the djinn fly away and the seals on the dresser and her body fly away, the roof seemingly collapses on them, leaving both Chireadan and Jaskier heartbroken. However, we then see that Yennefer portalled them to the party room from earlier, and she reveals she was going to use the djinn to restore her fertility, which was taken away during her transformation at Aretuza. The two take action on their attraction together and begin to have sex, with Jaskier initially lamenting at their deaths until Chireadan brings him to the window to show they are having sex before pulling him away to leave them in private. Yennefer asks what was Geralt’s wish, but he’s fast asleep before he can answer her question.

The Illusion Succeeds

The doppler version of Mousesack heads into Brolikan and is guided by the Dryad locals to find Ciri, claiming he previously served her family, and while Dara is initially hesitant to follow her, he joins her as they leave the forest in search of Geralt.

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