Explore Ruins and Stop a Cult in THE RUINS OF NIGHTSTONE KEEP

The Ruins of Nightstone Keep is a third tier adventure from Charles Smith. The adventure is designed for three to five Dungeons & Dragons players who will explore the ruins of a nearby fortress. In their journey they’ll come across a cult that they’ll probably want to stop before unspeakable horrors are unleashed on the world. This looks like a pretty fun adventure and comes with battlemaps, NPCs, and even a new monster type called Red Tusk Orcs!

Upon a rocky cliff overlooking the foreboding valley of the Red Tusk Orc tribe sits the ruins of Nightstone Keep. Within its walls hides a small library, once protected by the soldiers who made the keep their home. Tucked away somewhere in this library, covered in dust and forgotten to time, is a book of dark and ancient magics known as the Codex of Xuprix.

You can purchase The Ruins of Nightstone Keep from DMs Guild for $3.99.