Amazon Studios Purchases Distribution Rights for 7500 Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt

7500 is the full-length feature directorial debut of Patrick Vollrath and Amazon Studios just bought the rights to it. Amazon now has the global distribution rights (except for Austria, Germany, and Switzerland) for the film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. “In “7500,” Gordon-Levitt plays the co-pilot of a plane that has been hijacked by terrorists. The title […]

MOON SHINING is a Fake Doc That Imagines Stanley Kubrick Directing The Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Here’s a fun little fake fan-made documentary by French filmmaker Fabrice Mathieu that imagines what it would have been been like if Stanley Kubrick really did direct the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing, which is what a lot of conspiracy theorists believe. The video was made combining footage from the Apollo 11 mission with several Stanley Kubrick interviews and this […]