Trailer For The French Sci-Fi Film THE GRAVITY About a Cosmic Event That Creates Chaos

Dark Star Pictures has released a US trailer for an upcoming French indie sci-fi action thriller titled The Gravity. In the movie, a “mysterious cosmic event upsets the Earth’s gravity and sets the sky ablaze in a red hue, creating chaos in a futuristic Parisian suburb.”

The movie is described as a “genre-busting” thriller and the description reads: “A mysterious alignment of planets sets the sky ablaze and worries all the inhabitants of the city. A band of teenagers, ‘The Ronins’, rule the city and see this planetary event as the possibility of a new era. Daniel (Max Gomis), Joshua (Steve Tientcheu) and Christophe (Jean-Baptiste Anoumon), three childhood friends who have been separated by drug dealing and prison, must unite to confront this gang. After that night, when the sky suddenly turned blood red, nothing will ever be the same again…”

The movie was written and directed by Cédric Ido and it looks like a solid movie that tells an intriguing story. The Gravity will be released in select US theaters on November 10th, 2023, then on VOD / Blu-ray starting November 14th.

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