New Marvel Rumor Claims YOUNG AVENGERS Is Being Developed as a Disney+ Series

There have been rumors for awhile that Marvel Studios was looking to develop a Young Avengers film project. Now a new report has surfaced that the studio is actually planning a Young Avengers series for Disney+.

This could include several new characters that are being introduced to the MCU such as Kate Bishop, Ms. Marvel, Cassie Lang, and more, like Wiccan and Speed, who are rumored to be introduced in the upcoming series WandaVision.

The news comes from Marvel scooper Daniel Richtman via Full Circle Cinema, and they also say “that a movie could also be possible, however, the folks over at Disney and Marvel Studios really want to do a limited series for the team.”

The report goes on to reveal that the Champions may also be involved. There have also been reports of America Chavez, a.k.a. Miss America, being introduced to the MCU as well.

It’s not surprising that Marvel Studios would want to start building up a young team of superheroes in the MCU for the younger fans. It’ll be interesting to see what they actually end up doing and what rumors regarding those characters and plans end up being true or false.

What do you all think about Young Avengers being developed as a Disney+ series?