Will Smith Reportedly Be Reprising His Role as Genie in Disney’s ALADDIN 2

After Will Smith’s Oscar slap went down, there were a lot of questions about what the actor’s career would look like down the road. Well, according to a recent report Smith is rumored to be reprising his role as Genie in Disney’s Aladdin 2, which means he must be back in Disney’s good graces if this is true.

This would be his first new movie role since the Oscar incident. The report claims that Smith will have an even bigger role in the developing sequel. The report reads:

This would be one of the first movies Will has shot since the Oscars slap and it is quite surprising, given that it will be for a kids’ film. He has done a lot of work on himself and the consensus is that it will all be very much in the past by the time the movie is released. The first film was a huge success so it would be silly not to make another, and it would be a real shame to have to re-cast Will over what happened. So Disney is keen to stand by him and bring him back into the fold.

The sequel was officially announced three years ago, and Guy Ritchie was supposed to come back to direct, but the last we heard the movie had been stalled. Aladdin actor Mena Massoud previously said:

“I don’t know that there is movement. There was a change with the writers, and they are working on a brand new draft. That’s all I know. If Aladdin 2 happens, that’s fantastic. I think it should happen. Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich of Rideback Productions, who did the Lego movies and Aladdin, want to make sure they get this right. So if we do see Aladdin 2, it’s not going to be based off the animated version at all. This is going to be a brand new original story.” 

It’ll be interesting to see if this turns out to be true. Disney has cut people off in the past for do doing and saying stupid crap, so it’s hard to believe they’d work with Smith again, but who knows!? Hollywood is a madhouse! Do you think Disney will actually work with Smith again?

ViaL: CinemaBlend