Two of the Egyptian God Cards from YU-GI-OH! are Getting Structure Decks

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game from Konami and the original Duel Monsters anime, the Egyptian God Cards are three of the most iconic cards. Even some people with only peripheral knowledge tend to know about these cards. Well, Konami recently announced that 2 of these 3 God Cards would be getting some upgrades in the form of structure decks. That’s right, Slifer the Sky Dragon and Obelisk the Tormentor are getting themed structure decks complete with new cards to help fans maybe be able to use them in some capacity at a semi-competitive level. I think this is cool, although I think it’s sad that The Winged Dragon of Ra isn’t also getting its own deck. My guess is that Ra has been getting some support in booster packs and they just don’t want to reprint many of those cards yet for some reason.

Egyptian God Deck: Slifer the Sky Dragon is going to be all about increasing your hand size to give Slifer more power and using Tokens to use for the initial summon. Thunderforce Attack is a new Spell Card that will “destroy all your opponent’s face-up monsters at any time, but if you use it during your own Main Phase you can draw a card for each monster destroyed!” That sounds like fun.

Meanwhile, Egyptian God Deck: Obelisk the Tormentor will give you self-replicating monsters to use as Tributes for Obelisk’s effect to clear your opponent’s board. The new Fist of Fate Spell Card will allow duelists to negate a monster’s effect and destroy it. If it’s activated during your Main Phase, it will also clear your opponent’s Spell and Trap cards.

Each of these decks will feature 40 cards including 1 Egyptian God Card, 1 copy of a new Quick-Play Spell called Soul Crossing that lets you Tribute Summon your Egyptian God using your opponent’s monsters, and 4 unique new cards. I think this is exciting for many fans and could even serve as a way to bring new duelists to the game who maybe want to play with these legendary monsters. Hopefully, these decks shake out better than some of the more recent structure decks. Both Egyptian God Decks will be available on June 11 for $9.99.

Each Egyptian God Deck contains 40 cards:

  • 4 Ultra Rares

  • 4 Super Rares

  • 32 Commons

  • 1 Deluxe Game Mat/Dueling Guide

I also want to quickly point out that Konami put up on their site a page for a new booster pack called King’s Court which will include World Premiere cards that can be used with the Egyptian God Card strategies like those in the above decks. The pack will be a 60-card set and is set to launch on June 25 (June 23 to OTS locations). Here’s that rarity breakdown:

  • 10 Ultra Rares

  • 15 Super Rares

  • 35 Rares

  • 15 cards in the set are also available as Collector’s Rares