New MAGIC: THE GATHERING Secret Lairs Inlcude Cards with Art by Bob Ross

Magic: The Gathering is celebrating their first anniversary of the Secret Lair sets. To celebrate, they’re dropping five awesome new sets with crazy awesome art. Fans will be able to order any of the sets between November 30 and December 14 or you can get Super Drop bundles as well (details below). Each set will also come with a single-use code for sleeves in MTG Arena.

Happy Little Gathering

This drop features 2 of each basic land as well as 1 Evolving Wilds card with unique art from the legendary late artist Bob Ross. The drop will be available in both Foil and Non-Foil versions for $39.99/$29.99.

Party Hard, Shred Harder

Inspired by metal music, these 5 cards have been given a makeover by Scott Buoncristiano, Illustranesia, Vance Kelly, Robbie Trevino, and Rafal Wechterowicz to be the most metal cards out there. This set will be Non-Foil and cost $29.99.

  • Hand-Drawn Anguished Unmaking

  • Hand-Drawn Assassin’s Trophy

  • Hand-Drawn Decimate

  • Hand-Drawn Dreadbore

  • Hand-Drawn Thraximundar

Artist Series: Seb McKinnon

This set is all about cards with artwork from fan favorite, Seb McKinnon. The cards tell “the story of a knight’s chance encounter with a faerie.” Also, the set comes with a poem to accompany the artwork from McKinnon’s brother Liam McKinnon. The set will be available in Foil and Non-Foil versions for $39.99/$29.99.

  • Alt-Art Damnation

  • Alt-Art Enchanted Evening

  • Alt-Art Sower of Temptation

  • Full-Art Swamp

A Box of Rocks

The cards in this set are all based on rocks and will be drawn in a pop art style. This set will be available in Foil and Non-Foil variants for $39.99/$29.99.

  • Alt-Art Arcane Signet

  • Alt-Art Commander’s Sphere

  • Alt-Art Chromatic Lantern

  • Full-Art Gilded Lotus

  • Full-Art Darksteel Ingot

We Hope You Like Squirrels

This Foil-only set will cost $39.99 and is all about squirrels because who doesn’t like squirrels? Artwork for the cards is provided by Puffygator, Joy Ang, Carl Critchlow, Ivan Shavrin, Rudy Siswanto, and Ron Spencer.

  • Foil Alt-Art Chatter of the Squirrel

  • Foil Alt-Art Krosan Beast

  • Foil Alt-Art Squirrel Mob

  • Foil Alt-Art Squirrel Wrangler

  • Foil Alt-Art Swarmyard

  • Foil Squirrel Token

Superdrop Bundles

  • No Foils, No Nonsense Bundle

    • $99.99

    • Includes all drops available in non-foil (no Squirrels)

  • Foils Forever Bundle

    • $139.99

    • Includes all drops available in foil (no Party Hard)

  • The Bundle Bundle

    • $229.99

    • Includes both the other bundles (gives doubles of three drops)