Check Out This Fan-Made STAR WARS Video for a Fanfiction Novel Series

If you’re a fan of fan-made Star Wars stories, I’ve got a treat for you. Dark Resistance is a fan-made series of Star Wars novels and earlier this month they launched a cool video for the second part of the series, Keepers of the Force. The book is written by Angelo Licata, who also wrote and directed the video, which seems to be a trailer for the book.

Ten years have passed since the Empire’s conquest. The last surviving Guardians of the Force – Zui Mar, Dan Lee, Nemer, and Organa the Seer – are hunted by the imperial army and Sorran’s apprentice, the terrifying Lord Drown. During a daring escape from the mining planet, where the fugitives took refuge, a powerful echo in the Force brings hope back into their hearts. Perhaps Hope, the only one capable of defeating Sorran and his apprentice, is still alive.

Encouraged by this conviction, and accompanied by a new ally, the exiles begin a dangerous journey in search of the girl who holds the destiny of the entire galaxy in her hands.

You can find the video below and the books for free on the official site.