Lucasfilm Appears to Be Moving Studios Where They Shoot The STAR WARS Films and Shows

Jason Ward over at Making Star Wars did some investigating and has come found some interesting news. Star Wars has been put on hiatus for a bit, but the reason may be a little surprising.

You see, it appears they’re moving to a new studio. The films since The Force Awakens have all been shot at Pinewood Studios, but now it looks like Marvel will take over Pinewood after Star Wars moves to a new location said to be in Dagenham.

This is where all future projects including the Disney+ series about Cassian Andor will be filmed according to the report, and it is also the storage location for The Rise of Skywalker props until reshoots happen. The first films expected from the new studio location are the ones from David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

As a bonus, Ward says he discovered the codename for the Cassian Andor series is “White Snake.” What do you think of this change in studios?