Here’s a Preview for the New Comic Mini-Series FORGOTTEN HOME

Forgotten Home is a new 8-issue urban fantasy comic series coming to comiXology. The series is written by Erica Schultz, illustrated by Marika Cresta, colored by Matt Emmons and Jackie Von Spanks, lettered by Cardinal Rae, covered by Natasha Alterici, and is “full of magic, mystery, and family secrets.”

In Forgotten Home, Sheriff’s Deputy Lorraine Adalet investigates child disappearances all over Montana and finds a connection between many of the abductions: traces of magic! Lorraine’s search ramps up when her own teenage daughter is caught up in the kidnappings, and Lorraine learns the culprit is tied to her own past. Lorraine’s investigation leads her back to her home world of Jannada, a magical realm in a bitter war that she fled as a teenager. Now that Lorraine’s two lives have collided, she must confront her past across two worlds and save her daughter.

Cresta dives a bit into Lorraine, explaining:

Lorraine is a single mother from another world who is forced home when children start to disappear in her town on Earth. Lorraine is the princess of her home world, Jannada, but returning home isn’t easy for her, as her relationship with the queen is strained. At its heart, Forgotten Home is a story about family with problems, misunderstandings and imperfections, all of which play out in a fantastical and unexpected setting.

Meanwhile, Schultz briefly talked about some of the art for the book:

I’ve had a fabulous time creating a magical world that the audience will believe truly exists. Yissel Ayala, a fashion designer for several comic books, was kind enough to take on the task of creating the initial designs for the Jannadan royal outfits. Her style is impeccable, and, coupled with Marika Cresta’s line art, this book is just gorgeous.

Forgotten Home is from Vices Press and the first issue will be available on October 2.