Mike Hawthorne Will Tell His Story in the Graphic Novel Memoir HAPPINESS WILL FOLLOW

Mike Hawthorne is an Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated cartoonist and he’s going to share his story through the graphic novel memoir Happiness Will Follow. BOOM! Studios is going to publish the memoir through their Archaia imprint and it is sure to be an interesting read.

Mike Hawthorne’s mother, Blanca Otero, was a proud though atypical Puerto Rican woman from Santurce, San Juan who moved to the mainland, where she became a single mother and struggled to raise her son alone in New York City, a place that tormented them both with its unforgiving nature. But when Mike falls victim to a death curse—a haunting sign of the old country that his mother could never truly escape—she begins a series of events that drive him away from her both physically and emotionally, leaving him to grapple with his complicated relationships with his mother, identity, and heritage.

To go with the announcement, Hawthorne released the following statement in English and Spanish:

Many will know me from my work on Spider-man and Deadpool but with HAPPINESS WILL FOLLOW, I’m digging deeper into my personal history than I ever have in my career. While HAPPINESS WILL FOLLOW may seem like a straightforward memoir, I believe it truly serves as an illustration of what it means to be Puerto Rican in the United States. What it means to have a nationality with no real nation. I hope you’ll be onboard with me.”

”Muchos me conocerán por mis comics de Spider-man y Deadpool, pero con HAPPINESS WILL FOLLOW voy a presentarles más a mi historia personal cómo nunca hecho en mi carrera. HAPPINESS WILL FOLLOW parecerá una autobiografía, pero creo que en realmente servirá como una ilustración de lo que significa ser puertorriqueño aquí en los Estados Unidos. Lo que significa tener una nacionalidad, sin una nación real.

Happiness Will Follow will be available in May 2020.