Trailer and Poster for Chilling HBO Original Documentary ALABAMA SNAKE


HBO has released the trailer for a chilling original documentary, Alabama Snake, which chronicles “the mystifying events leading up to October 4, 1991, when an unusual violent crime was reported in the otherwise sleepy town of Scottsboro, Alabama. Darlene Summerford had accused her husband, Pentecostal preacher Glenn Summerford, of forcing her hand into a rattlesnake bed in an attempt to kill her.” The doc was directed by award-winning filmmaker Theo Love (The Legend of Cocaine Island). Here’s the synopsis:

The documentary weaves between the past and present to unravel the details of the investigation and trial that unfolded and includes interviews with those who knew Summerford best, speaking to his history of violence and spiritual redemption. Interviewees include Darlene Summerford; Marty Summerford, Glenn and Darlene’s son; Doris Summerford, Glenn’s ex-wife; and former detective Clarence Bolte, the lead investigator on the case. Central to the film is local historian Dr. Thomas G. Burton, whose career has been spent studying the culture, beliefs and folklore of Pentecostal snake-handling churches and whose audio interviews with the preacher are featured along with footage filmed inside the community itself.

This looks like a crazy story that I vaguely remember hearing about in the past. It will be interesting to delve into the full story and hear it from the people who lived it. Check out the trailer and poster below, and watch Alabama Snake on HBO on Wednesday, December 9th.

alabama snake poster.jpeg