Ashley Johnson Talks About Critical Role Foundation

Critical Role announced the launch of their new nonprofit organization, Critical Role Foundation last week. Leading CRF is Ashley Johnson as president and I was given the opportunity to ask her a few questions. Most are talking about how CRF came to be and how fans can help show their support, but I do ask a question about Yasha as well.

Tommy: Ashley, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions. First, how was the decision made for who would be president of CRF? Were you the only one who could beat Taliesin in an arm wrestling match? Were you simply the most passionate?

Ashley: Haha, Taliesin has been here since the beginning of time, there’s no way I could beat him in an arm wrestling match! The truth is, we’re all passionate about it. This is something that, as a company, we’ve talked about wanting to do for years. For me, I have prior experience working alongside some truly amazing charities and this was a natural fit. This is something that I profusely believe in and I can’t wait to watch it grow. With help from the Critters, we’re going to do our best in leaving this world a little better than we found it.

Tommy: What kinds of things are you looking for in organizations to work with? Are you going to be seeking them? Is there a way for organizations to reach out to CRF?

Ashley: CRF is always looking to partner with credible organizations in the nonprofit sector that support and share the same values as the Critical Role community. This includes, but is not limited to, underprivileged and/or underserved community-focused education and health services, veteran services, LGBTIQ organizations, American Indian / Native community-support organizations and more. Each partnership is different and how we work with each partner will be different as well. For those who are interested, we encourage organizations to reach out to us via our website,

Tommy: Outside of direct donations, are there other ways that fans can help CRF?

Ashley: Monetary donations have the most immediate impact for our partners, but another way to help is to simply spread awareness about these incredible organizations. There are so many great nonprofits out there doing amazing work, and they’re not getting enough recognition. We want to shed some light on those organizations. Visit their websites and their socials to learn more about them and what they’re doing. And if you believe in their cause, share your support on social media.

Tommy: There are times when you’re unable to participate in Critical Role for your work on other shows. I assume that you tell Matt when you have to leave so that he can inconvenience Yasha while you’re away, but do you ever know what his plans for Yasha are while you’re away?

Ashley: Because Matt is the greatest DM ever, he knows how to weave a character in and out of the story with ease. I’ve loved some of the storylines he’s come up with as to why Yasha had to keep leaving. Anytime I was gone, he would text me certain things that I would need to know, OR ask what Yasha’s response to some things would be. He’s such an incredible storyteller, so I felt confident and safe leaving Yasha in his hands. But, man oh man, It’s nice to finally be back at the table full time.