Shine the Light on a Player in THE HOLY PURGE Adventure for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS

The Holy Purge is an unofficial adventure from DM Steve Rap that is pretty cool. It can be used as a one-shot or to kickstart a whole campaign. One of the players will end up separated from the rest of the party, and this can be a great way to help flesh out, build, or just bring into play, a character’s backstory (especially if they’re a Cleric or Paladin). In addition, there’s not a lot of information for places and NPCs which makes it pretty nice for newer DMs to run.

I created a one-off that turned out to be one of my parties favourite night.

One character gets captured in the opening scene.   Its a great oppertunity for this singled out character to build their backstory during multiple moments in the session

The rest of the party witness the capture and are rescued themselves by a mysterious figure

The party must now save their companion and find a way to deal with this new menance running havoc on the town

Its perfect if you want to give a single character a spot-light, especially if they are a holy character like a Cleric or a Paladin

You can purchase The Holy Purge from DMs Guild for any price you see fit.