BOOM! Studios and ComicHub Partner to Promote ONCE & FUTURE for Retailers

Back in February we learned about the new comic series Once & Future. It is being written by Kieron Gillen with art by Dan Mora and BOOM! Studios is handling the publishing. Well, it looks like BOOM! Has decided to partner with ComicHub in order to promote the series for retailers. ComicHub is a new platform that offers tools for comic book retailers including publisher portals, point of sales systems, and a tool to help fans keep track of purchases. Talking about the new deal, Atom! Freeman of ComicHub said:

Our mission with ComicHub is to not only supply comics retailers with modern information tools to manage and promote their stores, but to also engage publishers in the information management for stores, marketing to promote directly to buying customers, and to provide transparency in the sell-through information flow. In Boom! Studios, we found a partner who values both the conduit of information to retailers and fans and the insight into how their books are actually being sold.

Meanwhile, BOOM!’s Filip Sablik said:

The combination of Boom!’s Guarantee program, the best returnability program in the industry, and ComicHub is potentially game-changing by allowing us to reduce risk for our retail partners and help them sell through their inventory of Once & Future for even greater success.

The deal offers retailers who are a part of the BOOM! Guarantee retailer program $100 off of the sign up price for ComicHub, assuming they’re not already on board.

Once & Future will be available on August 14.

Via: THR