Let’s Talk About ONCE & FUTURE #7

Well, I was not expecting that end to Once & Future #7. I am loving this comic more and more with every issue and I cannot recommend it enough. The series is written by Kieron Gillen with art by Dan Mora. You can get your copy of the comic from local comic stores, comiXology, Google Play, and Madefire now.

I really wish they would tell us how long it’s been since the previous issue. Has it been days, weeks, months? I would assume not more than a week or two personally, but it’d be nice to know. Duncan is still having trust issues with Bridgette, but at the same time she does have very valuable knowledge as he goes around taking care of supernatural problems. Meanwhile, Rose has apparently become clairvoyant and helps tell Duncan where trouble is going to be.

Duncan goes to The British Museum to stop a problem that turns out to be a transformed Galahad. Yeah, he does not look good for human standards. Whatever Arthur did to him is pretty creepy. Well, Bridgette shows up to help Duncan, but it turns out that someone stole something else. That someone appears to be Duncan’s mother and the what is a bit more unclear. However, whatever it is brings another literary character: Beowulf!

This series seriously went from a fun new take on Arthurian lore to “hold your hats Humanities and English majors!” I’m terribly excited for what this is going to do to things.