5 Controversial Oscar Winners

Controversial Oscar winners

5 Controversial Oscar winners

Comingsoon.net has compiled a collection of the most buzz-worthy and controversy-laden Oscar winners from past years. Take a look at our picks in the gallery below!

Easily the biggest night of the year for filmmakers and fans alike, the Academy Awards roll around every February to honor the artistic and technical achievements of the previous year’s films. Held by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Oscars are world renowned and internationally recognized as the biggest award a person in the film industry could dream of.

As a result, the ceremony comes with its fair share of snubs and flubs. No ceremony is complete without its huge controversy, from a monologue joke that goes too far or an acceptance speech that takes the audience by surprise to a film getting robbed in exchange for one that didn’t deserve to win. In its nearly 90 years, some winners remain more controversial than others.

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