Charmed Season 1 Recap

Charmed Season 1 Episode 15 Recap

Charmed Season 1 Recap

The CW’s Charmed reboot has just finished its first season. We got to know Macy, Mel, and Maggie as they explored their powers and fought evil. To close out Charmed Season 1, we are recapping the Charmed Ones’ journeys during their first year as witches.


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Much of Macy’s story centered around the mysterious circumstances of her birth. She learned that Marisol and Dexter loved each other through their separation and wrote letters to each other about her. Macy had been stillborn, and Marisol and Dexter made a deal with a necromancer to resurrect her. The catch was that they would have a year together, and then Marisol could never look at her again, or else she would die.

Macy’s resurrection required demon blood, which left her with some demonic powers. Elder Bari determined she had the Evil Sight, where she could see demonic acts. Galvin searched for a way to remove her demonic side, but she no longer wanted it. Since Macy was half-demon, she could take on the Source. Unfortunately, the Source was beginning to overtake her, so Macy and her sisters removed the Source from her and hid it in separate parts of the world.


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After Niko almost got hurt because of Mel’s powers, Mel cast a spell to rewrite their history so that she and Niko had never met. This had consequences: Mel, once a teaching assistant, was now a bartender, and Niko, once a detective, was now a private investigator.

Still, Niko found her way back into Mel’s life. She was investigating the Sarcana, a group of witches who had broken off from the Elders and rejected their rules. The Elders had convinced Mel to infiltrate the Sarcana after Jada, a half-witch, half-whitelighter member, recruited her. Niko was looking for Jada, whose adoptive parents believed she had joined a cult. Eventually, Mel told Niko the truth, and it almost became too much for Niko to handle.


It was Maggie’s first year of college, and she tried rushing Kappa Tau Kappa. Unfortunately, she fell for Parker, Lucy’s boyfriend. Parker was Alistair’s half-demon son. Parker’s mother was trying to remove the demon side from him. When Maggie found out that Alistair had sent Parker to get close to her, she ended things with him, but that was short-lived.

After having kicked Maggie out of Kappa, Lucy was all of sudden fine with Maggie and Parker dating again. She even invited Maggie to rush again. It turned out that Alistair was controlling Lucy. He was trying to manipulate Parker into taking on the Source. Parker ended up leaving Hilltowne after Macy vanquished Alistair.

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